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vivalife sofa
Building on last year’s innovations, Ter Molst recently invested 5 million euro to double the capacity of our extrusion plant.
Linen Life setting at Ter Molst's part of the Love Home Fabrics booth at Heimtextil 2020
Ter Molst showcased its new collection at Heimtextil 2020 and gives a wrap-up of the novelties. The theme? Subdued colors that match wabi-sabi perfectly.
Weaving loom at Ter Molst
Innovating is key at Ter Molst. As part of our global innovation strategy, we’ll be setting up 30 new looms in our production units around the world.
Kids at a party with Vivalife performance fabrics upholstered furniture
Vivalife is a collection of fabrics produced with specially blended yarns that make it easy to get rid of inevitable stains and spills by simply using...
Linen life collection by Ter Molst at Heimtextil
The Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt is drawing nearer again. From 8 till 11 January, you can discover Ter Molst’s new collection of upholstery and curtain fabrics.
Linen Life sofa by Ter Molst
What a year! Ter Molst turned 65 this year, we launched our Vivalife performance fabrics, and we exhibited at more than 10 fabric trade shows worldwide.
Ter Molst at Showtime
It’s time to wrap up 2018 with a final bang! During ITA Showtime in Highpoint, NC (USA), from 2 through 5 December, we’re launching no less than 38 new patterns
Curtains by Ter Molst at MoOD
New collections go hand in hand with the start of autumn. Our design team created stunning new upholstery and curtain collections presented at MoOD in Brussels.
Close up flax
Flax, used to make linen, has been a Belgian export product for centuries. As a company that’s located in the most prosperous flax region of the country...