Ter Molst fabrics at Showtime

It’s Showtime!


Put on some music and get out your pom-poms because it’s nearly Showtime! We admit it -  dancing is not exactly our best talent, but the first Showtime edition of 2018 is getting us excited again! For the past few months, we have worked very hard to create new qualities for our existing collections, and some new designs. Discover them in two weeks in High Point!

Our Vivalife collection is all about enjoying life without worries. That’s right, you no longer have to hold your breath every time your children drink a soda on the couch or when your dog jumps onto a chair immediately after it went treasure hunting in the garden. Vivalife fabrics are easy to maintain and stains can be cleaned in no time. Our colorful qualities Popsicle, Sorbet, and Punch are available in dozens of colors and will definitely brighten up your living room. Make sure to check out our newest qualities! The first stripe jacquard in our Vivalife collection will turn your furniture into a trendy eyecatcher.

Vesuvio is the newest member of our Linen Life collection. This new solid is a beautiful, soft linen fabric that’s perfect for a casual look. We also added a few new designs to last year’s favorites Avola and Avoletta. Avola’s transitional patterns have a nice multi-colored touch to them, while Avoletta, with its distressed, washed-out design, will give your furniture a vintage look. For Foyle, on the other hand, we combined our linen warps with a lofty plush chenille. Timeless yet contemporary, this quality joins a two-colored design and a lovely soft touch.

Our new collection of velvet looks was made to mix and match. Jewel, our woven solid, combines perfectly with our jacquard accents Bliss and Jubilee. These two jacquards were made using a combination of viscose and chenille, creating a unique cut velvet look. The subtle and fashionable ombre effect in Jubilee unites two matching colors and will look marvelous on a sofa or as curtains.

Curious to check it out yourself? We’re in the Market Square Building during Showtime from June 3rd through June 6th. Visit us at MS 246 on the second floor, we’re more than happy to welcome you!