Ter Molst at Showtime

Showtime, December 2018

Ter Molst

It’s time to wrap up 2018 with a final bang! During ITA Showtime in Highpoint, NC (USA), from 2 through 5 December, we’re launching no less than 38 new patterns.

Vivalife: two brand-new performance fabrics

Vivalife, our colorful collection of performance fabrics, is celebrating its first birthday with two brand-new family members. Lolly and Lolly Stripe, respectively the plain fabric and the matching striped jacquard, both embark on a new path of calming faded colors. The slightly distressed look in both Lolly and Lolly Stripe are the result of various weaving techniques. Like the rest of our Vivalife collection, both performance fabrics are easy to clean, highly durable and eco-friendly.

Linen Life: comfort & coziness, just in time in for winter

The authenticity and comfort of Linen Life is once again to be found in the new fabrics we’re introducing. Our collection of linen-blended fabrics welcomes four new qualities: Farrah, Explorer, Mirella and Divine.

Pocket linens Farrah and Explorer have various subtle decorative patterns and make a peaceful area out of your home thanks to its beige and sandy colors. Its unique composition creates a cozy feeling that is most welcome this time of year, with the winter season just around the corner.

Heritage chic was already brought to the runway by Marc Jacobs earlier this year, and it’s slowly finding its way to interior textiles as well. The natural tweed look of the linen fabric Mirella is a first for Ter Molst. Mirella’s secret ingredient for this unique look? Wool! The woolen weft thread gives this fabric a coarse structure and luxurious appeal.

In the new Divine quality, contemporary meets traditional. The textural solid of this quality matches perfectly with the transitional Divine stripe, frame and diamond patterns. The chenille yarns we combined with the linen warp give Divine a lofty look and a lustrous background.

Goodbye minimalism, hello colorful abundance

The bohemian interior style was our focal point during the development of our new Ter Molst Jacquards. The abundant patterns and colors we created for Zen, Wanderer and Nomad fit perfectly in a bohemian home and reflect the liveliness and individualism of the bohemian lifestyle.


Ter Molst