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Italy: the land of laghi, vini e tessuti*

Once a year, we’re more than pleased to visit the country where pasta first saw the light. At Proposte, the trade fair situated right next to the marvellous Como lake, we’re excited to bring you our Vivalife and Linen Life collection, together with some of our newest qualities, hot off the press.

If you didn’t visit Heimtextil, Poznan Home Decor or ISPA this year, chances are that you haven’t discovered Vivalife yet. Vivalife is our colourful collection of performance fabrics, created with your care-free everyday life in mind. Spilling your drink or dinner will only be a bagatelle that can be erased in no time.

Linen Life is a collection of linen-blend fabrics that we bring to you from the centre of the flax industry. The Flemish soils where upon our Belgian department is located have been the perfect base for growing flax ever since the Middle Ages, which makes that our fabrics have a very high quality.

Just like every year, Proposte is the fair where we introduce many new qualities as well. Manon and Alice are both part of a high-quality woven velvet look-and-feel theme. Whether you’re looking for a soft texture, an all-over pattern or multi-coloured accents, we have a whole range ready to match your taste. Malia, our other new quality, is a series of ethnic designs in warm earth tones and was inspired by the typical Malian ‘bogolan’ or mud cloth fabrics.

Our team is already looking forward to meeting you from 2 to 4 May at Villa Erba in Como, Italy. You can find us at booth 77, where we will help you find the exact fabrics you are looking for. We hope to see you there!

* Italy: the land of lakes, wine and fabrics. We can already promise you a spectacular lake view and the softest fabrics, and perhaps we can also arrange the wine part… Stop by our booth to check it out yourself!