Kids at a party with Vivalife performance fabrics upholstered furniture

Vivalife performance fabrics: durable, cleanable & loveable

Ter Molst

How long have you been dreaming of that perfect sofa? And how long have you been putting of buying one because you don’t want your children or pets (or yourself, let’s be honest) to make stains in them? After all, you know it only takes a split second before someone drops their toast butter-side-down or spills some red wine. Putting off your purchase shouldn’t be an option anymore. That’s why we created Vivalife!

Vivalife is a collection of fabrics produced with specially blended yarns that make it easy to get rid of inevitable stains and spills by simply using a simple damp cloth. Our colourful and soft-touch fabrics can look brand new after another round of daily life actions in just a minute. Parties, cocktail nights, football games on tv… your furniture is safe with us at all times.

We’re particularly proud of the fact that we don’t use any PFC chemicals to produce our easy-to-clean collection. After years of research, we were able to create a fabric that can be cleaned in no time, without risking your family’s health. In other words, your children can turn your furniture into playful forts without any problem.

Just like we care about your family, we also care a great deal about the environment. That’s why we developed a yarn using upcycled fibres, which make our fabrics completely recyclable. As the colour of our fabrics is inherently present in the fibres’ core, we don’t have to dye yarns nor fabrics, thus saving the planet a lot of water. What’s more is that, just like our other collections, Vivalife is 100% domestically made in all of our production facilities. We can safely say we promote sustainability and ensure a low carbon footprint.

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Ter Molst